Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

Our Sunday children’s ministry currently serves children through 5th grade.
Registration is located in Welcome Hall, at the front desk.
**Some adaptions have been made due to COVID-19.
Nursery (infants through toddlers)
Sunday mornings: 9:30 am to 12:15 pm
Our nursery is located on the second floor accessible by elevator or stairs. Our infants, toddlers and Preschoolers all have rooms in this suite. To avoid confusion, we ask that the parent bringing their child to our nursery, also picks them up after the service. We also have a nursing mom’s room located in our nursery.

Elementary 1-3 (grades 1 through 3)
Using the Gospel Light materials, the 1st through 3rd graders explore a new Bible story every week. Each story is illustrated through storytelling, crafts, games, and songs. Students spend time each week talking about where the stories are found in the Bible. We talk about how we can use the lessons they have learned at home, school, and while playing with their friends. A prayer and Bible verse are shared each week, as well as a review of the previous week’s story. We encourage questions and want each of our kids to know that they’re important to our church and that God loves them and is with them everyday.

Elementary 4 & 5 (grades 4 and 5)
The 4th and 5th grader class spends time each week learning and reviewing the Books of the Bible, playing Bible-themed games, reviewing one Bible verse and talking about characters in the Bible story. Each child has a Bible to use during class and is learning how to find specific verses, read them, and apply them to situations that they encounter. Often we enjoy crafts related to the season or the Bible theme. Each Sunday’s lesson ends with the children participating in a group prayer, including specific prayer requests that individual students may share.The leaders make the Bible stories relevant and give the students tools that they can use in their lives every day.

For more information, contact our Church office at: 703-525-6116 or [email protected]