For the next several weeks, I will use this space to share pieces from our 2023 Lenten Devotional

John 15:1; 6-16

The relationship that we share with our true friends is unlike any other in life. Friends seem to know what we need and when. Friends know how to strike the balance between words and silence, understanding that both are critically important. Friends hear what is not spoken and yet give us the space to vent and talk things out. Friends are special.

It both baffles and amazes me that in today’s passage Jesus calls the disciples His friends. He is clear that the trek He will make to Calvary to lay down His life is not merely something that He is doing for the world in general. No. He is doing it for His friends. (See v 13) When I am honest with myself the thought of being a friend of God can be overwhelming. I know my own frailties and shortcomings. Can I give Jesus the friendship that He deserves?

According to our passage, Jesus has already given us what we need for our relationship with Him to be successful. He loves us. He chose us. He confides in us. He fills us with joy. He appoints and anoints us to produce lasting fruit. All we must do is come to Jesus and remain in His love. It is not burdensome to do this because Christ gives us the power and energy that we need. You have already been chosen. The question is, will you choose Christ back?

What can you do to remain (unite, abide, dwell) in Christ’s love daily? With whom can you
share love today?

Lord, thank you for choosing me and calling me friend. Help me to embrace this truth in
my life today.

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