Lenten Devotional Reading for March 10 written by Belinda Barnett

Matthew 21:33-45

The chief priests and Pharisees were supposed to be caretakers of Israel and the Kingdom of God, like tenants tending a landowner’s vineyard* Instead, they tried to run the Kingdom their own way. They rejected God’s representatives and conspired to kill his Son. We may read this parable and think “those horrific chief priests and Pharisees!!” But are we sometimes like them?
Like the chief priests and Pharisees, we may sometimes think of the Kingdom as a legalist, punishing place. In the image of a vineyard, however, we see God intended his Kingdom to be a place of planting, caretaking, relationship, and growth. He entrusted tenants to curate a
productive, nourishing vineyard.

Today, we are the caretakers of the vineyard. As The Passion Translation states, we should “‘[p]ay close attention to this parable’” (Matt 21:33). Are we being good tenants for God? If we are honest, we’ll admit that we sometimes try to run the Kingdom our way. At times, we don’t stay connected to Jesus and instead shut him out and fail to bear fruit.

How can you dwell with Jesus in the Kingdom today?
How can you bear Kingdom fruit today?


Dear LORD, help me today to dwell with you and bear fruit for your Kingdom.

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