Lenten Devotional Reading for March 24 written by Kellan Russell

John 7:1-2, 10, 25-30

Have you ever had your worldview shaken by God? In this passage, Jesus challenges the Jewish people’s beliefs in a profound and even dangerous way.

After the feeding of the thousands and the Sermon on the Mount, there is a lot of debate among the Jewish people about who Jesus is. There is so much debate the Jewish leaders want him dead.
Jesus travels to Jerusalem to attend a major religious festival, but he does so secretly since he could be arrested and killed.

When the Israelites see Jesus teaching at this festival openly, they begin to question why the religious leaders have not yet silenced him. Could it be that he is the Messiah?

But some in the crowd say that Jesus couldn’t possibly be the Messiah because they know where he has travelled from, and their belief was that the Messiah would appear anonymously.
Jesus’ response is radical. He tells the Israelites — who believe they are God’s chosen people — that he has been sent by God, and that they do not KNOW God. That’s a bold statement to make to some people who are debating whether or not you should be put to death!

Jesus sees into the very hearts of the Israelites. Their stubbornness and their actions, which could lead to his death, demonstrate that they do not have a deep knowledge of God, let alone a personal relationship with Him. But rather than leave them in the darkness of their unbelief, he challenges them and he is not harmed for it, because God still has more work for him to do.

Do your words and your actions demonstrate that you KNOW God or are you stuck in what you THINK you know about God? How would you react if God directly challenged you on your faith?

Lord, examine my faith and challenge me daily to know you better so that my actions and words will be a reflection of Your love for your people.

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