For the next several weeks, I will use this space to share pieces from our 2023 Lenten Devotional

Matthew 5: 20-26

One of the hardest truths to swallow about our life of faith is that our faith IN Jesus is not only FOR Jesus. What do I mean? The faith that we profess to have in Christ is not merely displayed in our relationship with Him, but rather, it is best seen in our relationships with others. Simply, when we are truly trusting Jesus, we will act differently. Moreover, our faith in Christ causes us to interact with others on a higher and deeper level.

In today’s passage, Jesus says that our wrongly placed anger is tantamount to murder. Misusing our words, carelessly and perhaps unfairly calling people out of their name, displeases God. If having faith in Jesus does not increase your ability and improve your willingness to get along with others, your faith may not be working. When Jesus says that our righteousness must be better than that of the scribes and Pharisees to get us into the Kingdom of Heaven, He gives us a firm warning. We should heed it.

We cannot get and stay in the presence of God while carrying anger, and emotions like it, for our sisters and brothers. Looking and sounding good in the church building does not prove that we are right with God. No, our righteousness must be tried and tested in the furnace of human relationships. For only then, will Christ be seen in and through our lives.

Is there anyone with whom you need to be reconciled? Can you settle your differences quickly, perhaps today?

Lord, please search my heart and show me if I am carrying anger that needs to be released.

Loving and praying for you,
Pastor Danielle

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