Lenten Devotional Reading for March 31 written by Chris Gaines

John 10: 31-42

In this passage we discover yet again that Jesus is questioned and ridiculed about who he really is.

While at the temple at the time of Hanukkah (the Festival of Dedication), Jesus continued providing examples of evidence of who he is, who sent him and why he was sent. Still, people accused him of blasphemy, they wanted to stone and arrest him.

His own people did not believe in him. He pleaded his case by trying to convince the people to believe in the works he performed rather than believe in him. It still wasn’t enough. They still wanted to arrest him because they felt he was just a blasphemous mere man.

Imagine being on earth while Christ was in human form, performing wondrous works and miracles, listening to his teachings and preaching. Now fast forward to today where the number of his wondrous works and miracles have greatly multiplied and yet we still have so many that don’t believe he is the Son of God. If they didn’t believe he was the Son of God while being present on earth and in human form, how can they who have never seen, believe that he is the Son of God here and now? We should continue to pray and communicate with unbelievers by providing the word and pray as Christ did; without judgement, bias, or wrong intentions. Help someone else see Jesus through how you live.

How can we as believers help those who are actively trying to seek and understand God through their circumstances?
What scripture would you give someone who does not believe in Jesus?

Father, continue to provide me with guidance, obedience, and patience to help those who don’t believe.

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